Adamant is focusing on scouting and collecting different types of waste & residues which have a value in the biofuels supply chain; main areas we are developing in this respect are South and Central America, South-East Asia and CIS countries.

The production of biofuels - currently held in three different industrial sites in Italy - is carried out thru third-party plants with which Adamant has long-term processing agreements. We collaborate with certified companies in order to ensure the highest quality products in the market.



Adamant is trading different products, from feedstock to final biofuels; the main traded product by volume is biodiesel which is bought at European level, imported into our storage facility at the port of Genoa and blended into tailor-made quality according to market demand. It is then distributed,
mainly via truck, to oil companies and fuel distributors for further blending with fossil diesel.

Adamant uses different hedging tools to manage the trading & risk position.



Adamant's core business is sustainability and circular economy: through different certification schemes, the sustainability of the whole supply chain is measured and certified, ensuring high Green House Gases (GHG) saving of the final products.

Focusing mainly on waste & residues and advanced raw materials, Adamant is ensuring little to none competition with food feedstock and zero deforestation risk.

The average CO2 saving of our products is around 80% when compared to fossil fuels.