In the intimate embrace of Porotto, a hidden village in the province of Ferrara, there is a corner of land, where nature sings its melody. It is a symphony celebrating beauty, the importance of bees and the gifts of the earth. Adamant Group has dedicated this project to a dual purpose: protecting bees and promoting a healthy diet through honey.

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Phacelia: the flower of abundance

Nestled in this landscape, the Phacelia flower (Phacelia tanacetifolia) reigns supreme. Its abundance of pollen and nectar gently invites the bees to dance around it. This dance and harmony is our hymn to the ecosystem, a tribute to these pollinators that enliven our land. Eating honey is a gesture that not only delights the palate but also supports health, making this a natural symbiosis.

An extraordinary honey, the product of bee protection

The honey from 'La Possioncella' obtained through our collaboration with Adamant Group is a tangible result of our commitment to bee protection and the recognition of the importance of this precious pollinator for our planet. This collaboration was an essential first step towards realising our goal of ensuring a more sustainable future for bees and recognising our cultural heritage. Honey, a culinary treasure known for centuries, is both a sweet treat and an elixir of well-being. It will be donated to Admant Group stakeholders and customers, sharing with them the benefits of this natural and healthy product and raising their awareness of bee conservation.

A deep connection with nature

"Un Prato Fiorito" is not just a project, but a declaration of love for nature. Our commitment to weaving local stories helps enhance the earth and its wonders. Adamant Group has proves once again to have carved the promise of sustainability and biodiversity into its essence.